Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weddings, Snakes, and Cupcakes, Oh my!

My how quickly time is flying by!  I feel like I just wrote a new blog post but it has been two weeks. . . oops!  This has been another busy month and fall is officially here, CRAZY!! 

My beautiful cousin was married almost two weeks ago in San Antonio, TX.  Daniel has been traveling a lot with work, but I got to go with my parents and spend several days at home visiting with lots of family!  The wedding was gorgeous and had so many great touches made by the bride and her family!  She is very talented and even made her own wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses! 

Mr. and Mrs. Baur 

Emily and I 

Mom, Dad, and I

The cousins at Magnolia Cafe in Austin

Like I said earlier, I got to spend a few more days at home after the wedding!  Mom and Dad helped me with some of my crafts for the shows I have coming up which was a big help, I got to see my cousin dominate in tennis, hang out with my grandparents and my other family, and narrowly escaped getting bitten by a snake dun dun dun. . .  Well it wasn't that close, just going for a little dramatic effect there :)!  In case you don't know much about East Texas, it is composed of many small towns and I am from one of them.  I grew up out in the country and absolutely love it!  I haven't lived in a small town in the past six years but nothing feels more like home than being out away from it all. 

At my parents' house there is a pond that is extremely low due to the drought in Texas so it had gotten pretty grown up.  My dad was wanting to clean it up on his day off and me being the sweet daughter I am (just-kidding) agreed to help.  Mom was on the tractor, dad weed-eating, and I was using the clippers to clean up around the trees at the lake.  I was clipping away when I noticed a hollowed out section near the bottom of the tree and thought to myself "that sure would be a good place for a snake to hide".  I moved on to the next tree and not 2 minutes later, my dad spots a snake right where I had been standing. . . EEK!!  This was no little puny snake either, it was long, fat, black, and evil looking!  In case you can't tell, I really really really dislike snakes but the Lord was watching over us for sure!  Dad thinks it was a water moccasin.  He proceeds to kill it with a hoe, thank goodness!  A little while later dad got me to hold it so they could take a picture and I was still scared like he was going to come back to life or something.

Disclaimer:  Please ignore the boots/socks combo; it's not one of my prouder looks! :)

Me trying to be brave, but I'm not gonna lie, I was screaming like a little girl up until this picture was taken!

Upon returning to Nashville, I had a cupcake order for some Michigan cupcakes for a lady's birthday!  See them below:

Sorry for another long update!  Be looking for a tutorial very soon!

Have a blessed day,

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