Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moon Pie Fest Update

Saturday, the day of the Moon Pie Festival was an early morning.  We left Nashville by 5:30 and arrived in Bell Buckle by 6:30 to start setting up the items in my booth.  All week I had been watching the forecast and they had been calling for scattered thunderstorms through Saturday so we were expecting rain at some point. However, Friday turned out to be sunny all day so I think my hopes were a little too high that Saturday would be the same way. 

The morning was going really well; traffic was a little slow but things had not fully kicked off yet and there was a 10 mile race going on.  We had the booth all set up complete with baby blankets, bibs, pillowcase dresses, flower clips, memo boards, mason jar birdfeeders, shabby shelves with mason jar vases, hand embroidery prints, M&M dispensers, horseshoe wreaths, mason jar soap pumps and pincushions, barnwood signs, and lots more.  Oh and I can't forget my husbands contribution, marshmallow shooters.  These shooters are made of PVC pipe and can launch a mini marshmallow quite a ways.  They were a hit with the kiddos this weekend.

Around mid-morning to lunchtime, business had really started to pick up, but the sky was getting cloudier and darker by the minute.  Soon, the first drop came and it was off to the races to get all of our items in under the tent and out of the rain.  Since I am just starting out we didn't have all of the fancy tent flaps and covers that some of the more experienced vendors had so we wrapped a tarp around one side of the tent and pulled everything in as close as we could.  Thankfully only a few of my smaller items got damaged. 

During the rain, I checked my phone and got a text from one of my best friends saying her and her hubby were there!  They drove all the way from Nashville and it just made my day that they came!  Once they met up with us we all took shelter under the 10X10 tent.  When I say we all I mean 6 people about 300 items, 2 tables, chairs, and a couple pieces of furniture I distressed for the show.  All we could do at this point was laugh!

About half an hour later it stopped raining so everyone began to set their booth back up and we were ready to go again!  But it was only a tease because in only a few minutes it started raining again.  We tried to wait it out for a while but it never stopped so we eventually packed up and called it a day along with all the other vendors.  While it was a little disappointing, we had a wonderful weekend with my parents, and I'm all stocked up with items for the next show. 

Still smiling through the rain

A shot with my hubs and his popular item.
PS- rain does not hinder the sale of marshmallow shooters :)

Oh, I almost forgot. . . we did get the see the World's Largest MOON PIE- haha!!  Photo to come.  Also be on the lookout at my Etsy shop because I am going to photograph and post a lot of new items in the next few days!

Thanks for reading and please share my blog with your friends!

Ashley :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moon Pie Madness

The "madness" which has actually become a huge blessing started long before this eve of Bell Buckle, Tennessee's annual RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival. 

My sweet hubby and I moved to Middle Tennessee almost two years ago after graduating college and getting married.  Shortly after the move I began a temporary position and after completing my assignment there began to search for other jobs.  After a lot of prayer and the Lord closing several other doors, I began to pursure my life-long passion: crafting.  As far back as I can remember I have been making anything and everything I could think of.  I come from a long line of creative women who craft, sew, and bake like nobody's business.  My business name Claudie Belle Designs was actually my great grandmother's name.  Now I didn't have the joy and priviledge of knowing her very well because she developed alzheimers and was in the nursing home from my earliest memories of her, but through stories from my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles she was a pretty amazing lady.  She definitely had a huge impact on those close to her and her memory lives on. 

As far as my small business goes, I have been getting my feet wet for the past year, but just in the last few months I decided it was time to go all in and see where the Lord takes it.  I have been filling orders for several of my husband's coworkers, making anything from baby blankets and bibs to a fondant Cars cake for our friend's son's birthday.  I have had a booth at a couple of Nashville's flea markets, a fall festival, and the Christmas Sampler in Springfield, TN.  Ever since we moved here, we have heard nothing but wonderful things about the adorable little town of Bell Buckle.  They have two pretty big festivals every year so I decided to apply.  After getting accepted, I began to work a normal work schedule to try to make up as many items as I could.  I should really start paying my husband and parent's for their work too!  They have done so much and mom and dad are even here for the weekend to help and visit of course!  So the past several weeks have truly been madness but in a good way.  I am very excited about this opportunity and nervous at the same time.  I know this business and all my endeavors are in God's hands so I will trust Him and strive to follow where He leads. 

With this blog, I hope to keep you updated on what Claudie Belle Designs is up to with new items, shows, tutorials, and guest bloggers.  Thanks for visiting my blog and if I met you at the Moon Pie Festival, thanks so much for coming!  So raise your RC Colas and let the Moon Pie madness begin.

Ashley :)