Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Highway 52 Yard Sale

Junkin' is one of my absolute favorite things to do and a must for the business I am in in order to find furniture and items to repurpose.  As I was looking for yard/estate sales to go to a couple of weekends ago, I ran accross a listing about the Hwy 52 yard sale, the second longest yard sale in Tennessee.  I went to their website and found out it was happening that upcoming weekend! 

Me to Daniel:  "Hey babe, have I told you what an amazing hubby you are lately?"

Daniel:  "What do you want??"

Me:  "Well, there's this really long yard sale this weekend." 

Daniel:  "Where is it?"  (I can already see the excitement on his face haha ...NOT!)

Me:  "North of Gallatin accross Hwy 52"

Daniel:  "You could drop me off to golf somewhere up there on Saturday while you are shopping, but you know it's going to take 4 hours for me to golf..."

Me:  (Laughing and thinking to myself) 4 hours. . .  is that all?  I could junk for days on end!  So I say "I think I can manage for 4 hours, babe!" 

So after a few minutes we decide that he really wants to golf and play with the new clubs he got for his birthday and I really want to go junkin' so I call my junkin' girls and he calls his golf buddies and it all works out perfectly and let me tell you, those 4 hours wouldn't have been enough!  :)

The Hwy 52 Yard Sale Route

Friday morning, my friends Cindy, Jamey, and I set out for the sale and we were in for some great finds!  Our first trip (yes there was more than one)  started in Cindy's hubby's truck and we made it all of about 15 miles before the bed was full!  At this point, we realized we were going to "need" to go home and empty the truck and come back to see what else we could find.  This wasn't just a hop, skip, and jump away either.  It was about an hour and 15 minute trip each way but where else can you find so much great stuff all in one place?  So after paying for a couple of pieces of furniture that wouldn't fit, we drove back to Nashville dropped off a load and Cindy and I came back this time in my truck.  We picked up our paid for pieces and continued down Hwy 52.  By the time it got dark we had another bed full and were seriously debating spending the night somewhere along the route because there was still a lot we hadn't seen!  After some good Mexican food, we decided we needed to go back drop our second load and get some rest.  So we did just that and headed back for a third time early on Saturday morning!  It was another great day of finds and our last stop we hit the blue mason jar gold mine! 

Wish I would have gotten some more pictures, but here is a shot of our first load:

Ashley :)

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