Friday, January 6, 2012

Not So Extreme Couponing

Right after we moved to Nashville two and a half years ago, the girls in the Bible Study that I joined were getting into couponing.  This was around the time that those shows like Extreme Couponing started airing and I have to say it is pretty amazing how much money some of those people can save using coupons.  A lot of us started following Kelly at Faithful Provisions.  She has written a book on couponing and how to cut your grocery bill in half.  I jumped on the bandwagon and was really into it for a couple of months, but then I got busy and let all of my coupons expire.  I have decided to give it another go since it's a new year so I wanted to share my recent couponing trip with you!

Now, I'm not great at it and don't like to buy stuff with coupons unless we are really going to use the item or can donate it.  I like to say that I'm a "Not So Extreme Couponer".  Every now and then I do find some great buys though, so here is what I found this week:

My first stop was Wal-Mart where they are having 75% off all of their Christmas items including gift sets.  With the 75% off and coupons I got the items below for next to nothing.

Olay set including moisturizer and face wash- $10 @ 75% off = $2.50
-$1 off 1
Final- $1.50

Second Olay set- $10 @ 75% off = $2.50
-$2 off 1
Final- $0.50

Old Spice Set with deo and spray- $5 @ 75% off = $1.25
-$1 off 1
Final- $0.25

Old Spice Deo- $1.97
$2 off 2
Final- Free

Total: $2.25

Next stop: CVS
Oral B Spinbrush- $5.99
$3 off 1
$2 reward bucks
Final- $0.99

Colgate Toothpaste- $0.99
(2)$0.75 off 1
Final- $0.25 each

Dawn Dish Soap- $0.99
$0.50 off 1
Final- $0.49

Ivory Bars- $0.99
$0.35 off 1
Final- $0.64

Almay Make-up- 13.99@ 75% off = $3.50
$2 off 1
Final- $1.50

Total- $5.33

Last stop: Kroger

Softsoap- $0.88
$0.40 off 1 (Kroger doubles any coupon $0.50 and under)
Final- $0.08 each

Here is a summary of my coupon trip from all 3 stores:
Total Spent: $7.82
Total Saved: $53.81

Thanks to some Christmas sales and a few coupons I got some great buys on things that are good to stock up on like face wash, body wash, toothpaste, and hand soap.  Have you ever couponed before?  What are your thoughts on it? 

Happy couponing!



  1. Wow, that is impressive! I regularly use groupons and other group coupons. I've clipped coupons but always forget to use them before they expire. And I don't want to buy things unless it will get used, like you said. But looking at your recent savings... I might have to give this a try!

  2. Yay! I love couponing! And I love CVS! Our local CVS has a ton of make-up 75% off, too. Good for you!!