Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Weekend in Charleston

It has been a while since I posted because we have been on the go.  Last weekend the hubs and I flew to Charleston, SC to spend a few days with my parents and my Nannie.  They were planning their vacation a couple of months ago and we happened upon some unbelievable Southwest deals so it worked out great for us to meet them!  Charleston was such a beautiful and charming place!  Here is a recap of our time there:

I got to spend the first afternoon with my sweet friend, Nikki!  Originally a Georgia girl, she has lived in Charleston for the past couple of years so she showed me all the great places!  I so enjoyed our time together!  We first met in Austin when she interned at our church one summer while I was a student!  Nikki also recently started her own jewelry line!  You can check it out at

So, we all traveled to the coast the same weekend that Hurricane Irene did, but thankfully Charleston did not get hit and the weather never got too bad.  This was on Friday while she was passing by.  The weather was rainy, windy, and gloomy but only for one day.  These are some pics of the ocean off of Sullivan's Island.  Mom and I decided we wanted to be storm chasers so we were "reporting live on Hurricane Irene".  We had the legit raincoats and everything!

The next day we took a horse drawn carriage tour around the city.  The homes were absolutely beautiful!  That afternoon we went to the Boone Plantation.  A few movies have been filmed there including North and South and The Notebook.

We visited the Citadel, a military school in Charleston.

The pics above are from the Ft. Sumter tour.  The middle pic is one of my favorites.  You can see four or five of the church steeples from the bay area.  Charleston is nicknamed the Holy City because of the beautiful churches and no other building is allowed to be built taller than the steeples. 

Daniel and I spent the afternoon at the beach on the Isle of Palms getting some sun!  This little guy was crawling right under my head!

One of the many beautiful churches.

Daniel and I in front of a several hundred year old live oak tree.

Mom and Dad at Kaminsky's, a dessert bar in downtown Charleston!  It was amazing we went and got desserts two nights in a row there!

We had such a wonderful weekend with my family and Charleston is such a great city!  Mom and Dad dropped us off and the airport and Nannie flew home to spend the week here with us in Nashville.  I had the best time with my Nannie and soaked up every second spent with her!  They went on to Myrtle Beach and swung by to pick Nannie up this past Friday. 

Other than precious family time, I have been working on some more orders and trying to prepare for some upcoming craft shows this fall!  Here is a peek of a custom order I just finished for a lady on Etsy:

Thanks for letting me play catch up!  I plan to start posting more regularly so stay tuned. . .


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