Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Mantle Display & Giveaway

I recently discovered Pinterest, a site to "pin" things you like.  Places to share ideas and get some great inspiration are always welcome as I'm constantly looking for new things to make!  Last week I saw a cute shelf display and decided it was time to spruce up our mantle and the great thing was I already had everything I needed for this summery vintage feel!

Our mantle was a craigslist find from last December!  We do not have a fireplace, but I had been looking for a cute and fun way to hang our stockings because my parent's came up the week before Christmas to celebrate with us!  I found this one on craigslist and loved the distressed look and how they had put shelves in the opening to hold picture frames or anything you might want to put there.

I really love old windows and have been able to find several free ones in our area.  I simply picked one out of my stash, cleaned it up, and proped it up on the mantle against the wall.  I also have a slight obsession with bunting!  It is just so stinkin' cute and fun!  I made mine with twine and some fabric scraps that I cut into flag shaped triangles.  I simply hot-glued the triangles on the twine leaving about three inches between each one. 

The old camera and "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook belonged to Daniel's grandparents!  I love using old family items because they have a story to tell of your family's past. 

And now for the Giveaway:
I'd love to hear from you about an old family heirloom or item you have in your home!  Leave a comment to be entered into the drawing to win this Flower Clip from Claudie Belle Designs.

 Leave a comment through Sunday, August 7th to be entered.


Happy Decorating!


  1. Ooooohhh!!! I have a small flag pillow in my house that belonged to my aunt who passed away about 7 years ago. It hangs out on the couch or my chair...wherever, but it always reminds me of her. :)

  2. I have a vintage piece of tree art that has little birds on the branches and the tree limbs spell "Family." My great grandmother crocheted it & just a few months ago I found it while unpacking and framed it in an old vintage frame. It's become one of my most favorite decorative pieces!

  3. I have a bowl that my grandmother gave me that belonged to her grandmother. I have it in a plate stand propped up in our kitchen. It's so neat to have something from that many generations ago.

  4. I have a crocheted angel that my great grandma made that I put on our christmas tree. She also made this red riding hood doll that I use in my class.

  5. I have the decorative lamp that in 1927 Georgia Williamson took to a local electrician, W.R. Presson,to be repaired. Their conversation about the lamp led to a date which led to marriage and the birth of an only child, Richard. Richard met and married Frances Shelton who in 1960 gave birth to their only child whom they named Ramon. I don't know what caused that lamp to malfunction, but I sure THANK GOD that it did!

  6. That's a great story Ramon! Thank you and everyone so far for sharing! It is so cool to hear all of your stories!

  7. I love the idea of having a functional mantle with no fireplace. I also love the old window. I am in process of decluttering my home so we can have spaces to enjoy as a family that are both functional and lovely. Thanks for your ideas!

  8. When I moved to Nashville my mom gave me her great-grandmother's rolling pin. I always loved using it to roll out the dough for biscuits on Saturday mornings growing up.

  9. I love everything about your mantle. One of my favorite items from family is a red/green quilt top, I use it under my Christmas tree or as a tablecloth.