Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eat More Chicken

Today on Pinterest I was so excited to see one of my friends had pinned a copycat recipe for those scrumptous little bites of heaven. . . Chick-fil-a nuggets!!  Of course I had to pin it and can you guess what I just bought at the store yesterday?  Lots of chicken on sale so of course I HAD to try this not so secret secret recipe out! 

We try not to eat too much fried food but y'all, we are from the South so you just have to every now and then and boy do we like it!  Frying is always a little time consuming but this recipe was definitely worth it.  It wouldn't have taken so long but I wanted to make chicken sandwiches instead of all nuggets and the larger pieces of chicken took a little bit of time to cook all the way through.

The recipe can be found at  I made a few nuggets and three chicken breasts for the sandwiches using the same recipe and they turned out great!  Keep in mind it is not going to taste just like Chick-fil-a, but it is a great substitute and the hubs was pretty impressed!

 Frying the chicken

 The nuggets

 Breasts and nuggets

To go along with our chicken sandwiches, I bought a bag of frozen sweet potato fries and spruced them up a bit by adding a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar about 5 minutes before they were done.

It is safe to say I will be making this recipe again and I hope you try it and enjoy it too!  It was a big hit at our house!  Let me know how yours turns out and don't forget to Eat More Chicken!


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  1. This looks delicious!! I will be trying this recipe soon!